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The funeral home STRANEN is an establishment in Luxembourg that opened its doors in 1920 and has 6 contact points in the country.

Our family business is composed of a team of licensed, dedicated and attentive professionals who will know how to answer your expectations and questions.

Thanks to the dedicated Michel STRANEN, in 1920, a small carpentry and funeral company was born in Troisvierges. Supported by some workers, he offered his services until the beginning of the war.

In the post-war period, the company met its new boss in the person of its eldest son, Nicolas STRANEN. The latter brought modernity, maintaining the traditional spirit of its predecessor.

Armand STRANEN, the current boss, decides to take over the family business in 1976. He will develop it by taking over several companies, including that of Mr. François STEMPER’s in Wiltz in 2006. The most recent development is the opening of subsidiaries in Vianden and Ettelbruck.

Corbillard Plymouth – Pompes Funèbres STRANEN 1963

Together we will establish the unfolding and content of the funeral to plan the most beautiful tribute after death. As each person is different, we want the last tribute to look like the deceased and for the tribute to be aligned with his affinities and those of his loved ones. A dignified homage, respectful of and tailored to everyone’s wishes. For this, we put our professionalism and expertise at your display, as well as a whole range of products (coffins, fresh flowers, tergal flowers, funerary monuments) and services.

Funeral directors at Pompes Funèbres STRANEN have the experience and knowledge to carry out the funeral journey with professionalism and discretion.