Pompes Funèbres STRANEN wants the last tribute to resemble the deceased and be in keeping with his or her affinities as well as those of his or her loved ones. This is why we establish together the course and content of the funeral, to organize a personalized tribute that is both dignified and respectful of everyone’s wishes.

To achieve this goal, we put at your service our professionalism and our know-how, but also a whole range of products (coffins, urns, flowers, funeral announcements and monuments) and services.

A family company

It is in 1920, thanks to the devoted Michel STRANEN, that a small carpentry and funeral company was born in Troisvierges. Surrounded by a few employees, he offered his services until the outbreak of the war.

In the post-war period, the company met its new boss in the person of his eldest son, Nicolas STRANEN. The latter knew how to bring modernity while keeping the traditional spirit of his predecessor.

Armand STRANEN, the current boss, decided to take the family business under his wing in 1976. He developed the company by taking over several companies, including the funeral home of Mr. François STEMPER in Wiltz in 2006. The most recent development is the opening of branches in Vianden and Ettelbruck.

The funeral consultants of Pompes Funèbres STRANEN have the know-how to carry out the funeral process with professionalism and discretion.

At your service in 5 locations in Luxembourg