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Procedures to follow in the event of a death

The death of a loved one is always a delicate situation. Often difficult to overcome, this moment is accompanied by complicated procedures that have to be performed in a short period of time. Here is simple and complete documentation to help you with the steps that follow.


Contact your family doctor so that a person’s death can be confirmed. The doctor will deliver a death certificate that is required for all due diligence that follows. In the case where the death occurs in a hospital environment, due diligence will be carried out automatically without you having to intervene.


Contact the funeral home. We are at your disposal 7 (days) / 7 and we will assist you in planning the next steps.


A person’s death must be reported to the municipal office of the place of death within the 24 hours that follow.


After death, the burial time and the funeral ceremony must be planned with all parties. If desired, the funeral mass must be arranged with the priest, church choir and organist.