We offer you a service carried out by professionals as well as a wide choice of coffins.

Pompes Funèbres STRANEN takes care of the deceased at home, in hospital or in other places.


  • During the appointment with a counsellor of Pompes Funèbres STRANEN, a wide range of coffins will be offered. In additional, a discussion about the funeral process will take place so that we can organise a personalised tribute for you.


  • During the appointment with a consultant, a wide range of urns will be offered to you. Pompes Funèbres STRANEN will take care of the reservation at the crematorium of your choice. Depending on your choice and the wishes of the deceased, we proceed with the burial of the urn in a grave or a columbarium.
  • The scattering of the ashes in the funeral centre, on the scattering lawns or in the “forest cemetery” (Bëschkirfecht) is also a possibility. Depending on your choice and within the limits of the legal provisions, you may also choose another location.


  • We offer you our full support in complying with the legal requirements and in dealing with the obligatory notification of death to the local authorities within 24 hours. Of course, we are at your disposal for all other necessary formalities.

Planning of the ceremony & decoration

  • Whether it is the burial of a coffin or an urn, STRANEN Funeral Services will assist you in planning the farewell ceremony. We take care of the organisation of the funeral, whether religious or civil, and plan the ceremony according to your taste.
  • A decoration service can also be provided. Our catalogue offers a wide choice of floral decorations. In addition, we can organise the printing and display of a large photograph of the deceased during the ceremony.


  • Pompes Funèbres STRANEN is able to draw up funeral announcements in accordance with your instructions. We take care of all the necessary steps to ensure publication in the newspaper of your choice.
  • We can also write announcements for funeral anniversaries.


  • If necessary, in collaboration with the marble company of your choice, we can dismantle and replace the existing monument or add lettering identical to the existing one.

Thank-you notes

  • We will write the thank-you notes according to your instructions and take care of all the formalities.