We know that the loss of a loved one is a difficult ordeal to overcome, and that mourning takes time.

The procedures that follow a death should in no way hinder this mourning and this is why we accompany you in the administrative steps.

Below, we have put together a simple and complete list to help and guide you in these steps.
(The complete guide is available for download at the bottom of the page)

Finally, you should know that we are at your disposal 24/7 and we will assist you in planning each of these steps.

 Contact a doctor

  • Except in nursing homes and hospitals, where this process is done automatically by the institution.
  • The doctor declares the death and provides a DEATH DECLARATION.
    (Necessary to declare the deceased)

Contact Pompes Funèbres STRANEN

(we are at your service 24/7)

  • The Pompes Funèbres STRANEN will go to the place of the deceased in order to proceed with the burial.
  • We will inform you and we will fix an appointment in one of our agencies close to your home in order to agree on the procedure according to your wishes:
    • Choice of coffin/urn
    • Planning of the ceremony
    • Choice of flowers
    • Announcement of the funeral
    • Completion of administrative formalities
    • Opening of your monument 


Contact the commune (in the case of a civil ceremony) or the priest (in the case of a religious ceremony) in order to fix the day of the ceremony on the date agreed with Pompes Funèbres STRANEN.


(within 24 hours of the death)

  • The declaration must be made to the commune where the death occurred.
  • Provide the commune with :
    • DEATH DECLARATION (issued by the doctor),
    • Family book, marriage certificate or birth certificate (concerning the deceased).

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